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An Explanation of MagnaSocia

Your Online, Realtime, Participatory Democracy


Evolving Democracy

AT MagnaSocia we have the ambitious plan of forming a new system of governance for the UK, a system that is designed to concentrate more progressive thinking towards societal problems, one that has an underlying ethical foundation that is constitutionalised, one that is steered by the consensus of the people and ultimately needs their vote, as the highest authority, to bring in new legislation.


We are too attached to our outdated and outmoded 19th century Parliamentary Representative model and it is proving to be no longer fit for purpose or representative of the people more than it is representative of the interests of big business. There has to be a change, a rapid change but not a radical one, a change that effortlessly drives us into the 21st century but one that is rooted in our understanding of political and social life in the context of the human journey, societal moral development and scientific progress that efficiently delivers well-being to all people in society right across the demographic spectrum.


We believe we have the optimum design for fully participatory Constitutional Direct Democracy but we are open to criticism and suggestions for improvement. In any case we think we have something that is a huge improvement to our current system. We need your help though. We need the participating specialists to step forward with their knowledge and knowhow. We need the general public to have their say and dive into the debate. This is a chance to test run a better way forward and if it starts to provide a better alternative then it may be time to consider letting go of the obsolete model we are currently hanging on to. Only time will tell.


We are not revolutionaries or anarchists. We are not asking to bring down our current system and all the stability we know and love. We are merely asking that we develop as a nation and evolve our system of democracy to benefit all. We are genuinely trying to bring an improvement to people in society. We simply want to try out newer ideas, prove their worth and then make the transition to this democratic upgrade. 


We are currently in our 'design phase'. We'd like you to have a look around a make suggestions and criticisms. We won't be offended and take your criticisms to heart. We would rather get things right at the start and be challenged. We are looking forward and working towards our 'sign up' stage once the design phase has achieved a certain level and then we would go on to a 'road test' stage where we can make the necessary tweaks and improvements. I hope you are as excited as we are by this venture. 


Please get involved. We are looking for funding, for good communicators, good designers and for programmers who can contribute some of their time on solving specific problems. At some point we will need your help again to get everyone to sign up to use the system and start having their say in the debates and their consensus measured. In the meantime, welcome to the future of politics. Welcome to MagnaSocia.

Why it's necessary

A system no longer fit for purpose

We need to consider the design of what we currently have in place and what it is there to achieve before we go on to attempt to build its replacement.


Our Parliamentary institution must also be acknowledged as one of the better systems the world has to currently offer. There is, however, no reason to set the bar so low as to presume it cannot be improved, what with all the intellect and tools we have available to us here in the 21st century.





The idea of Political Humansim



An Explanation of MagnaSocia



Design Phase

Sign-up Phase

This is where the dream starts. The platform would need to be designed properly in the first place to allow its unfolding as suggested in the next two phases. This design phase also breaks down into sub categories:


            a) Puposeful Design - It has to achieve being all

                  that such a system can be to its soceital need.

                  It has to be able to perform its tasks and

                  show its potential value to people in society.

                  To this end there has to be a continual debate

                  as to why it is designed the way it is, can it be                     made more user friendly, could it be

                  corrupted, would it encourage the wrong   

                   kind of use and abuse etc.


             b) Structural Design - It requires a team of  

                   dedicated programmers who are working

                   together on the overal structure while each

                   focussing on their own part of its functions. It

                   must have a mainframe powerful enough to

                   take the potential usage and to withstand

                   cyber attack and corruption. Each of the 

                   functions must serve their purpose, be user 

                   friendly and contribute to the whole.


              c) Funding - The projects requires funding for

                   the costs, to subsidise the time of the people

                   putting their hours and expertise in and then

                   to start getting the word out there. It could be

                   funded by crowd source alone if enough 

                   could envision what the end outcome could 

                   be but it may require work to get to that

                   point of convincing people. It could be funded

                   by philanthropists with an ambition to see

                   something of this kind being used in 

                   society but then it must not be hijacked by

                   the influence of the funders as such. Some 

                   have suggested that it could also be funded

                   as a commercial interest where there might 

                   return on investment from income but it is

                   difficult to see how this can happen without

                   the accusation of corruption or that it is only

                   a means of making money. It may taint the

                   project at some point if people come out with

                   a profit but this is open to debate. There has

                   also been suggestino that it might be funded

                   by some kind of government or NGO scheme

                   but again this may taint people perception of

                   the platform truly being of the people for the 

                   for the people so-to-speak. 


               d) Visual Design - It must be designed to make

                     sense to its users. Every function button and                      feature must clearly show what it is there to

                     do and the overal look of the site must not

                     put people off using it for any reason. It

                     must in fact attract people to using it and

                     its features and functions must appear self

                     evident. It must be a pleasure to use.


                e) Communicators -  At every point the project 

                      project needs successful communicators in 

                      order to put the points across to allow ideas

                      to flow and be represented. It would

                      require communictaions for the team                                     involved in construction as much as it would

                      reaching across to associated parties to 

                      bring them in and then ultimately to the 

                      general public directly and through press

                      and PR.


If you feel that you can bring something to the table in this project then we would be so grateful to hear from you. Please contact us directly. 



Contact Us



There are three main areas of Sign-Up:


        a) The Rationalisors - 12 groups of Universities

              who are required to chair the Twelve Tables


         b) The MetaMeritocracy - 432 subject specialists

               comprising of published authors, campaigners

               activists within credible organisations, work      

               based specialists, leading academics etc.


          c) The General Public - All registered UK voters

                bonafide by their place on the electoral



The first group would have to be in place before the second group and the second in place before the third.

The Rationalisors would be responsible for inviting The MetaMeritocracy to the seats of the Twelve Table Issue centres that they have the chair of. Once settled and knowing of the tools at their disposal all parties, The Rationalisors, The MetaMeriocracy and the MagnaSocia in-house team would then be responsible for invoting The Genral Public onto the MagnaSocia platform.


It goes without saying then that The Rationalisors would have to be sufficiently impressed by the overall design of MagnaSocia and its worthiness within the UK political system and would need to share the vision of all that it could be for British society and its potential effect on the world. 


The MetaMeritocracy would also have to see the merit of using such a platform and its tools to have their outlet to reach the wider public with their knowledge, their views on improvement and their potential influence on the outcome.


In turn The Genral Public would have to see the worthiness in participating in the project as a whole, the very thing that could shape the society we all live in. It would also have to be user friendly and satisfy a social need in realtime. 

Road Test Phase

The Road Test Phase is simply to put things into motion, see how people use it, see if there are corrupting or corruptible mechanisms that can be altered or challenged. There are several functions to MagnaSocia and any one of them may start to be more important to people than the others, taking up more traffic volume etc. and so the platform as a whole must adapt where it can and grow into new directions without loosing sight of the overall main aim to provide as good as democratic system as we can possibly have, one that is completely intellectualised to come up with the most intelligent ideas and designs for society, one that does not sway to momentary sentiment but is rationalised in its approach to new legislation and ultimately one that is completely democratised.

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