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Twelve Tables - The Department of Health & Well-being


                                                                                                       These are the Issues initially on the table of The Department of Health & Well-being

              NHS                                   Health R&D                               Dentistry                               Prevention                          Diet Education                           Fitness

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           & Support                                Support

         Office of                                  Clerk of                                     Office of                                  Treasury                                   Cheif of                                Legislator

      Information                            the Debate                              Consensus                              Secretary                                  Security


  Suggested Chair:  Aberystwyth/Swansea/UWTSD/WalesTDC/ Bangor University


  Suggested Physical Location:  Cardiff, Wales


  Societal Aim:  To raise the level of overall health and fitness within the UK and to be a possivtive influence on the rest of the world. To find the best ways to understanding the science behind better health in order to provide the best health to the nation for the most cost effective value. To achieve measurably better results from better UK health including lower waiting times, more illnesses identified and found cures for, less days off work, less days of people suffering pain or discomfort, longer life expectancy, higher child mortality, less people being dependant on prescibed drugs, less people with dependancies 




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