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PopDictum is the voice of the people in the form of a regular consensus on a number of issues that arise in the debating space in the MagnaSocia system. 



No political system should operate without a mandate from its people. MagnaSocia is designed to steer the political process by the will of the people in the following ways. 

Participating Merit


This is a series of algorythms that detects the user's activity and rewards their participation with a points system. As each user gains points they move closer to the realm of influence of the MagnaSocia Meritocracy that provides the system with its intellectually high standards.



FixThis is an opportunity for the public to set the agenda for political discourse for the subject specialists within the MagnaSocia Meritocracy as well as our current MPs in Parliament. Members of the public can launch campaigns for what they feel strongly about and what they feel that politicians and the political process itself should be fixing. 

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