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Department of People's Welfare



The primary aim of this department is to make sure that nobody is left out and that every citizen is cared for by the state as and when it is required. To this end, every person must be registered so that they have the online portal that allows them to communicate to any of the departments where they can find further help, social services, police, doctors, education, employment etc

A Welfare State for the 21st Century



100% Connected

Needs Evaluated


Assistance Assigned


Individual Progressiveness



Care for the


 Child Protection

& Family Support

Care for diasbled    

and vulnerable





     Dependancies & 







         Office of                                  Clerk of                                     Office of                                  Treasury                                   Cheif of                                Legislator

      Information                            the Debate                              Consensus                              Secretary                                  Security


  Suggested Chair:  Durham, Newcastle University


  Suggested Physical Location:  Newcastle


  Societal Aim:




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