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Twelve Tables - The Office of Political Process


                                                                                         These are the Issues initially on the table of The Office of Political Process 

         Office of                                  Clerk of                                     Office of                                  Treasury                                   Cheif of                                     Legislator

      Information                            the Debate                              Consensus                              Secretary                                  Security

   Office of


Political Narrative           Regulator

  Parliamentary       Regulation

Parliamentary        Reform

       Clerk of 

Public Concern

       Office of 

Political Process



  Suggested Chair:  University of Cambridge


  Suggested Physical Location: Cambridge  


  Societal Aim:

To facilitate the means of political process so that the progressiveness of the system is maximised, the facilitation is unbiased and working with the authority of the electorate as the highest authority while allowing the best minds and ideas to contribute to the process with a rationalised approach.  




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