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My MP's Surgery

The place where your Constituency MP is brought into the political debate, find out their ideas, how they vote, how their constituents want them to vote, how they respond to FixThis campaigns, PopDictum public opinion consensus and their responses to all isues brought to them via all the other MagnaSocia vehicles.

   Nick Raynsford

    Labour MP for

Greenwich & Woolwich


Parliamentary Activity


Making MPs aware of public dissatisfaction

Insist on a dealine soon for The Chilcot Inquiry

Send Naval support for the migrants in the Med

Help Yazida girls/women kidnapped by ISIS

Set a 100% renewable energy target by 2050


How 'representative' is your MP?

How you vote: Trade Union Bill

How you vote: Age of Criminal Responsibility Bill

How you vote: Energy Bill

How you vote: Mental Health Bill




Find out how the public have responded

       to specific questions by consensus

Find out how this MP has responded to Ideas within the MagnaSocia IdeaPool

Find out more about this MPs public announcements and his responses to other MPs announcements

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