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Once the ideas have been floated and discussed from IdeasPool and have gone around the system until better and collective ideas have been drawn up then a collective proposal for a bill can be circulated to the public for members to vote upon by consensus. Where whole Bills are put together and possitively voted on by the public then they will be put to Parliament along with public pressure to have them read in Parliament. This process will openly display if our current Parliamentary system is truly working for the electorate and if they are prepare to place the Bill before Parliament.





The following documents are Bills that The People would like to present to Parliament for legal process that they be brought to Legislation. The have been compiled by subject specialists approved by the people, unanimously voted through by the people and they fully represent public sentiment taken by consensus at every step of the compilation process within MagnaSocia

Protection of the NHS Bill

Banking Reform Bill

Constitutional Reform Bill

The Greener Britain Bill

The National Railway Bill

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