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Executive Suite

MagnaSocia is a platform initially focussed on the Legislative end of politics, where the decisions are made. The Executive Suite however is an idea for the possible add-ons that could be attached if the system is wholly adopted by the populace. Any connection between the individual and the nation state could be represented through this portal. Each additional add-on would bring an efficiency to how that executive wing of governance could work in practical terms.

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Reggie from Charlton

Politically Participating

Committee Member



My Welfare

    & Health

   My Work

& Business

My Education

  & Participation

My Tax &


   My Rights

& Responsibilties

My Community

My Welfare & Health

My Education, Information & Participation

My Community

   My Rights & Responsibilities

My Tax & Finances

My Social Services, link to my GP, hospital if I have any ongoing treatment, medical records etc.

My information portal, my current or previous educational connections, new OU online course availability, explanations about voting issues, my participation in DD

My connection to localised services, local council for parking permits, rubbish cleared, planning applications, Community charges, local food & energy production

My private connection to the policing services, localised crimewatch/neighborhood watch, my relationship with the courts or penal system, my advisory line about my constitution, my overseas relations, my birth and marriage records, my passport applications, my driving license, etc

My bank account with the state bank, my incomes and outgoings, my taxes, pension contributions, my student loan, my income tax and NI cons, all other incomes and taxes

   My Work & Business

My CV including educational achievements, my business advisory souncillor if required, my portal for career progress, my current employer relationship

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