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Twelve Tables - The Department of Education & Progress


                                                                                         These are the Issues initially on the table of The Department of Education & Progress 

 Specialised    Secondary



Work Based



National R&D

   Young Education

         Office of                                  Clerk of                                     Office of                                  Treasury                                   Cheif of                                Legislator

      Information                            the Debate                              Consensus                              Secretary                                  Security


  Suggested Chair:  University of Oxford


  Suggested Physical Location:  Oxford


  Societal Aim: To provide the best education system for the nation for the taxation allocated. To strive for excellence across the board while allowing specialised knowledge to be nurtured for further societal progress. To provide education that is standardised across the nation state and equally accessable by all those of school age and above. To provide society with an educated workforce.




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